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Providing Wood Floor Installation in Fairfield County for over 15 years!

SMART WOOD FLOORS has been in business for over 15 years. With thousands of wood floor installations completed we have the experience to handle the toughest job. Our talented staff are well treined, repectfull and fast, we’re specialized in custom installation and finishing of new wood floors as well as refinishing and restoration of existing wood floors, also experts in installation and refinishing of pre-existing and reclaimed antique wood floors.

SMART WOOD FLOORS provides professional quality wood flooring services including installation, sanding, refinishing, repairs, maintenance, and custom design. We only use the highest quality materials/finishes and are always up to date on technological advancements in the wood floor industry.

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Hardwood floors are an investment that will last for a long time with the proper installation and care. There are different modes of installation for engineered wood strips, solid wood strips, and parquet. With all moisture testing is imperative to ensure proper installation. It’s always a mess when installation are made with you live in, with our installers we try to be quick as possible.

Wood Floor Finishing & Refinishing

Refinishing and sanding your hardwood floors is necessary to preserve their quality and beauty. Any refinishing is done solely to enhance the woods natural color and protect it from the elements. The best time to sand and refinish your hardwood floors is when you move into a new house or apartment as all of the furniture, rugs, etc. need to be removed from the area during the process. Proper refinishing should last about 10 years. However, high traffic rooms will need to be done more often.

Wood Floor Repairs

Many things can happen to a floor over the years. Termites, cable holes, leaky roofs, sink overflows, cats, dogs and reconfigured spaces can leave holes or very odd-looking stains in your hardwood. All is not lost!

Custom Wood Floor Design

Custom Wood Floors are a medium of specialty floor coverings that includes, but not limited to these Types of Custom Wood Floors: Accents, Borders, Domestic Species, Exotic Species, Feature Strip, Inlays, Marquetry, Mixed Media, Medallions & Crest, Painted or stenciled, Parquet, Parquetry, Plank, Reclaimed & Recovered,Distressed, Specialty Products, Stained-Tinted or Colors Developed during the middle ages in Europe, elaborate designs, borders, inlays & medallions were crafted for significant buildings such as castles, & monasteries. Today these wood flooring styles are reflected in the modern day manufacturing and can be enhanced with something as simple as a strip border around the perimeter of the room or as ornate as a coat of arms in a foyer or a great room. Using exotic woods from around the world, these custom designs & patterns can add to and become the center focal point of any room. Giving each room a Custom-one-of-a-kind wood floor. Custom designs can give a homeowner a “one-of-a-kind” floor and is a wonderful way to put your personality and individual character in a home. The choices of pattern, design, exotic woods sources and an artistic flare can provide a limitless number of possibilities.

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